Titanium Weight Calculator

The Titanium Weight Calculator is a free, convenient calculator offered by Continental Steel and & Tube to help you figure out the weight of different titanium shapes. All of the measurements are in inches and pounds. Do you need some titanium for your project? Contact us today.

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  • Conversions

    Inches to Milimeter

    Millimeters =

    Milimeter to Inches

    Inches =

    Pounds to Kilograms

    Kilograms =

    Kilograms to Pounds

    Pounds =

    Metric Tons to Pounds

    Pounds =

    Metric Tons to Tons

    Tons =

    Fahrenheit to Celcius

    Celcius =

    Celcius to Fahrenheit

    Fahrenheit =

    FT/LBS to Joules

    Joules =

    Joules to FT/LBS

    FT/LBS =

    MPA to PSI

    PSI =

    MPA to KSI

    KSI =

    PSI to MPA

    MPA =

    KSI to MPA

    MPA =

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  • Miscellaneous

    Carbon Equivalency Formula

    Carbon Equiv =

    PCM Formula

    PcM =

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